On the Way to Net Zero with the World

Enterprises need sustainability transitions in response to the global trend of net-zero emissions and Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanisms (CBAM) in Europe and United States. The establishment of Taiwan Carbon Solution Exchange (TCX) is a crucial strategic push for Taiwan's sustainable net-zero practice, and it is also a new opportunity for the industry that eagerly reduces carbon emissions. Carbon pricing will incentivize enterprises and governments to reduce carbon emissions. The economic effects brought by TCX will create incentives to reduce carbon emissions, encourage low-carbon technology innovation, and build a zero-carbon ecosystem.

Taiwan Carbon Solution Exchange

Assist businesses in achieving carbon neutrality goals while balancing with industrial growth and development, collectively implementing national policies

TCX: Taiwan's 2050 Net-Zero Goal

To achieve Taiwan's 2050 Net-Zero Goals, the Taiwan Stock Exchange and the Executive Yuan National Development Fund Management Committee jointly established TCX based on the Climate Change Response Act announced in February 2023. Through establishing a trading platform, supply and demand will be effectively matched, creating incentives for enterprises to reduce carbon emissions and further promoting the development of low-carbon production technologies and innovative industries. TCX will cooperate with strategic partners to promote and cultivate a green ecosystem, mitigate the impact of climate change, assist businesses in achieving carbon neutrality goals while balancing with industrial growth and development, collectively implementing national policies.

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Domestic Carbon Credits

To meet Taiwan's carbon reduction and energy-saving goals and timeline , enterprises must accelerate to reduce carbon emissions. TCX will establish a fair, efficient, and public trading platform, and domestic carbon credits will gradually be incorporated into our company's trading system per the policy of the Ministry of Environment.

Voluntary Emissions Reduction Project

According to the “Greenhouse Gas Voluntary Emissions Reduction Project Management Measures ”, TCX will launch a voluntary carbon credit exchange service on the platform that will allow domestic enterprises to transfer, trade, or auction publicly and transparently to those who need to offset carbon fee or meet the offset plan requirement. TCX will respond to domestic carbon reduction regulations such as carbon fee offset.

The voluntary carbon credit includes "removal-based projects" and "reduction or avoidance-based projects." Through the various reduction incentive mechanisms of the trading platform, it can stimulate all sectors to join the carbon reduction ranks, and then steadily adjust the countermeasures according to the development of reduction technology, and ultimately move towards the net-zero goal.

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International Carbon Credits

Located at the heart of the global supply chain, Taiwanese enterprises hold a pivotal position in global industries such as semiconductors, ICT, textiles, and metals. Faced with ambitious carbon neutrality goals in the supply chain and action plans of global brand enterprises, enterprises actively reduce carbon emissions while also needing high-quality carbon credits to meet their needs. To address this need, TCX will collaborate with internationally credible verification institutions to provide carbon consulting services and support for the sale of high-quality foreign carbon credits, thereby responding to the supply chain's carbon reduction and carbon neutrality needs and helping Taiwanese enterprises make substantial contributions to global emission reduction.

TCX regulations

Interested in becoming a seller with TCX? Contact us at minhua.tsai@tcx.com.tw or vivian.tsui@tcx.com.tw for more information.

Carbon Consulting

TCX aims to cultivate a green ecosystem under the increasingly severe global climate change issue. We understand the importance of topics such as carbon footprint verification, carbon footprint, carbon neutrality, and carbon border tax, as well as the challenges they pose to enterprises. Therefore, TCX will provide professional carbon consulting and solution services to help enterprises understand related policy developments, reasonably plan carbon reduction strategies, reduce industrial impacts, and respond to the future green net-zero era.

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